Beauty Beyond Imagination

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Novel excerpts, poetry

Through my closed eyes, I imagine I see

A splendid arena just waiting for me

With bales of the rainbow in showers so bold

That light up the firmament in colors of gold


Clear crystal waters and fountains of silver

Great springs that burst forth in streamlets that shimmer

Music emerging from harp strings that quaver

Pearls of all colors and diamonds for ever


Set in a background of torrents of gold

The heavenly choir’s been singing of old

Words fail to capture a picture so perfect

Words cannot alter its all dazzling effect


Then my eyes open and what to behold

A lightening that flashes like what we were told

Across the great sky from the east to the west

And all in a twinkle He gathers the best


Suddenly, swiftly, I feel myself lifting

Upwards, rapidly, being changed instantly

An apparel, dazzling, its brightness so puzzling

His face like the sun’s strength, the one that was God sent

And then, then I see

What He prepared for me,

A delightful vision

Beauty beyond Imagination.



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