Continued Excerpt

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 The Friendship Diaries


It was almost two o clock when I stopped for a break. I was ready to have lunch after having missed breakfast. Sometimes I can’t believe I have to spend an entire two days in the hospital doing what I do but when I’m saving lives by figuring out what is wrong with people and helping them get over it, two on call days pass very quickly. I can’t however ignore the call for food because it’s what keeps me going. This wasn’t actually lunch, it was more like brunch. I ordered white rice and fish.

“Hi fancy meeting you here.” I’d know that suave voice anywhere. “Hi Jade are you on duty today?”

“Hi!” I turned around surprised. I always just happen to run into Dr. George. Sometimes I got the funny feeling he was stalking me. There was a little crowd by the canteen stand. “Yeah I’m on duty, call too.”

“Have you paid for that?”

He pointed at the plate deposited in front of me while the sales girl waited impatiently.

“No.. I…” I wondered why I always get so flustered when this guy appears.

“I’ll get it don’t worry.” He wiped out his wallet as he ordered Jollof rice and dodo with chicken. “Have you bought a drink?”

I was looking for a way out. “No, water will be just fine.”Hadn’t I promised myself no more lunches with this guy? I watched the sales girl dish out the food. Ever since my date with the girls, I’ve been feeling a little guilty talking to him. Before then it had been easy but lately I’d been asking myself what qualified as infidelity.

“Two bottles of medium water. I guess I’ll just follow your cue. It is so much healthier isn’t it?” he gave me a smile which I returned brightly.

“Yes.” I picked up my tray and looked round for an empty seat. Even though the canteen was originally created for the staff of the hospital, many patients flocked in to eat because the food was so much better.

I really had to get a grip on myself. It was just George despite the fact that we had attended the same medical school in Ibadan and he hadn’t noticed me then. He was three years my senior and had been tripped when I answered an advanced question during my first ward round as a house officer correctly. He had been the junior reg handling the ward round that day as the consultants were not around. I was conveniently and seriously dating Nd by then so there was no chance we could ever be more than friends but he had so obviously taken an interest in me. Why did I find myself wishing?

He had followed me with his tray and two bottles of water. “I hope you don’t mind that I join you, I hate eating alone.”

“Feel free.” I pointed to the empty seat.

We started to eat. He talked about his work in surgery and how he was planning to move from general surgery to orthopaedics and all the while all I could think of was Dele’s question. ‘What was I doing with him?’ He was nice, he went to church and had a basic belief system as touching Christ but was there more to this friendship than I cared to admit and was it right to hang around with someone I had liked for a long time prior to meeting my husband. Did I have a right to ask him to lets define the friendship or was I reading too much into his friendship based on my own confused feelings and my friends worried guesses?

I watched him for a while my heart beating as I wondered how to frame my question. On second thoughts I changed my mind. “I think I’m going to stay in family medicine for a while. At least it helps me focus on my family goals.”

“Ah!” he smiled. “Kids in view?”

I smiled as I turned my spoon over in my hand and shook my head. “Not yet.” It was amazing how after a few minutes with him I always managed to relax and keep my cool. The school girl crush vanishes and I remember I’m a wife to someone who loves me and he’s just a friend.

“What’s the matter?” he inquired. “Your husband is not interested or you want to wait?”

I thought about that question for a while as I continued turning the spoon over, wondering whether to answer it or not. With George, I always found myself baring my soul.


He dabbed at his mouth with tissue paper. The look on his face said he was about to stumble on something private about me. “Honestly.”

“I want to wait. But I don’t have the courage to tell my husband.” This was something I hadn’t ever told anyone. I had never told my friends Yinka and Dele either. I don’t know what prompted me to tell him and at that moment, I wasn’t planning on telling him any more than that.


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