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This is a story of love, friendship and trust, told in the first person singular from the perspective of six different people. It is a work in progress and is guaranteed to touch some of the issues single young people face. Over the next couple of days, i will post 6 different pages from the book. kindly leave a comment and i would really appreciate it.



Excerpt from The Friendship Diaries



The knock on my door was loud. I wondered if it was my mother or one of my sisters. I usually don’t have afternoons off like this to sleep in so the intrusion was unwelcome but then this was a special weekend, my family was visiting. I got up reluctantly and slipped on my shirt. The knock came again a little more loudly. “Coming!” I yelled.

It was Nnenna. She was all dressed up and carrying a handbag. A quick check revealed her luggage in the hallway. My eyes were still squinting from sleep. “Nne…”

“I’m leaving brother.” Her look was dark and sullen.

“What’s happening?” I asked slowly buttoning my shirt. “Your camp is still a week away and the house is locked till we settle the issue with uncle IK. Where are you going?”

“I’m going back to Enugu. I’ll stay with friends. At worse I’ll stay with sister Chioma.”

I took a long hard look at my younger sister and reached out a hand for her. “Come in. Come for a moment before you go.” I drew her in hoping to get her to change her mind even though I knew how headstrong she sometimes was.

I closed the door and led my sister to the bed. “Sit.”

She sat obediently but was looking in another direction. “Brother. I’ve made up my mind o!”

“I just want to talk to you.” I replied as I drew up a chair from the corner of the room and sat facing her. “Listen Nnena, your life is your own and no one can force you to do what you don’t want to do. But you have to admit you can’t live life without elders, people who have seen more of this life than you have…”

“I know that.” She said. “And I think I’m allowed to make my own mistakes.”

“Yes, Nne. You can experience life and make a few mistakes but don’t make the same ones other people have made. Learn from theirs and avoid it if possible.”

“Okay, brother, so are you telling me that marrying Jadesola has been a mistake?”

“I’ve not said that….”

“Then why does mama make me feel that my choosing Aminu is a mistake?”

I shook my head. “You’ve misunderstood her….”

“She’s always misunderstood.”

“Nne!” I held up my hand. “Let me land. Mama loves you and she wants the best for you. That’s all she has ever wanted, the best for all of us.”

“By controlling our destiny, choosing where we go and whom we marry?”

“No…” I gasped. “Look at me, did she choose my university or which course I studied?”

“You can’t compare yourself with us, you are the only boy and you are her favorite.”

“Nne that is not true….”

“It is true!” She turned to me. “It’s true and you know it. She can’t say anything to you. She couldn’t say anything to you as long as papa was alive. She couldn’t stop you from coming to Lagos.”

“Okay let’s say that is true.  Let’s say all what you are saying is true. What is she going to get out of it? What will she gain? Have you ever put yourself in her shoes? Do you know what it feels like to lose your husband and then have all your kids leave home one by one to strange lands faraway? Have you ever thought how lonely it will be for her, have you?” I exploded now. “Nne, I need you to stop being selfish for once in your life and think about someone else other than yourself. I know what I faced standing up to the whole family when I decided to marry Jadesola when everyone was clearly against it. I didn’t just give up on everybody and do my own thing. I didn’t run away from the family when I was alone in my decision, I stayed and made them see reason because in any way I would still need their blessing.”



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