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Welcome to my first attempt at blogging and thanks for taking the time out to visit my page. As a nigerian,  i grew up with the mentality that my people do not read and so it wasn’t a really common to find people who wrote proffessionally and made a living out of it. Reading was something we did in school during literature and only because we had to write exams on them.

Growing up with a love and wonder for books made me somewhat introverted and I was really tripped to find (which was rare in those days) a like minded friend who shared my love for books and ardent reading.

I would often curl up in a chair in my room or hidden under the stairs penning my first attempts at writing at the tender age of ten and i was really too shy about showing it to anyone. I thought they were not really good at first. As my siblings began to grow and read my writings, i guess my confidence began to soar and i began to publicly come out with some of my poems.

This blog was mainly created to see what the public thinks about my writing and over the next few days, i will post a few poems and snipets of some of my prose work just to get a feel of what the general reading public has to say about this upcoming writer as she journeys into writing proffessionally.

Thanks for your time, I hope you do enjoy.


  1. Timi says:

    Wow dis is so nice good job sister lovely writeup

  2. Bimbo Raji says:

    I found this write-up interesting.Keep up the good work.

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