A Walk through the Park

Posted: October 4, 2012 in poetry

As the soft wind blows through the trees,

I hear the sound of the whisper of leaves,

I hear the moan of an old oak tree,

And the crack of a cricket,

In the dark of a thicket.


As the silence steals around the midnight,

There is a shimmer of brilliant moonlight,

Across the surface of water so black,

Comes an echo in the park,

of footsteps in the dark.


Snaps of twigs breaking,

And trembling seizes,

I feel myself shaking,

And my thinking ceases.


Fear reaches out a hand,

I jump to start;

But Faith welds a band,

That wraps round my heart.


Comfort comes, like a warm blanket.

Boldness like a shield, and yet

Fear stalks my footsteps,

And dodges in my shadow.

Worry prances in my mind

And sticks in her arrow.


Panic came slowly, dancing to a tune

That Terror hummed softly, on a sand covered dune.

A tranquil thought, peaceful and serene, yet real

voices a truth that keeps my heart beat still.


Though the calm night light, turn drearily low,

And the darkness be, my only foe;

I am not alone, where ever I may be

There is one with me whom eyes cannot see


Though the crisp sound of silence is hauntingly clear,

And the faint thoughts of fright hover dangerously near,

I will walk  stately and not tip toe,

Through the park boldly and not fear,No.


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