“A poem is a string of words layered together in verses that educate about a subject and paint a vivid picture in the readers mind. They are not always stiff and boring, but can be fun, funny and have lines that end in words that sound alike. Poetry harnesses a command of language that’s beautifully rich and usually inspiring. Poetry is to the eyes, what music is to the ears. Poetry, is like looking through a framed glass window, into the very heart of its writer.”

Olufunmilola Adeniran enjoys writing poetry as much as she enjoys reading them. She is happily married with three beautiful children and practices as a private physiotherapist in Lagos, Nigeria.

  1. The Dansih Publisher Lindhardt og Ringhof ask for permission to print Olufunmilola Adenrian:The Beggar, but are unable to get into contact with the author. Please send me contact info.

    Best regards
    Ulla Barfod

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