Sizzling Hot

Chop suey, made with garlic chicken and peapod...

Sizzling Hot

I sat in a Chinese restaurant a couple of days back having lunch with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. We had a lot of fun catching up on old times and discussing where everyone was. When it came time to order, we asked for a medium sized plate egg and shrimp fried rice with two different sauces. One was a simple chicken and green pepper sauce and the other was a fish sauce. The waiters brought our food in the space of twenty minutes.

As the fish sauce arrived, one of my friends commented that it was not sizzling. Surprised, I replied that it was hot and therefore okay by me. She however insisted that she would have wanted it sizzling. A few minutes later, someone else’s order was brought in whooping hot and hissing in the dish. We could hear it all the way from our table and the difference was extremely clear.

‘That’s what I meant.’ My friend pointed out to me.

I raised my eyebrows and nodded. Later at night, I couldn’t get the conversation out of my head. Hot, but not sizzling.

Our relationship with God, and our faith in Him can be compared to that scenario. Our desire for God, and for the things that pertain to the Kingdom of God can be measured by a temperature gauge that is either cold, lukewarm or hot. The presence of God’s Spirit in our lives, and our cooperation with him, and with his word determines how far we go for God. Some people are hot while others are lukewarm. Some are hot and sizzling, while others are so hot, they are even on fire for God. It reminds me of certain restaurants in which customers are dazzled by chefs who make the food in front of them and let the pans catch fire.

My daughter likes her millo lukewarm. She is only three, and anything hot may scald her tongue as her taste buds are not mature enough to handle the heat from hot tea. I like my tea hot, especially when I have a cold because it helps clear my airway and relieves me of nasal congestion. Sometimes I even like it very hot so that it burns my throat going down. I have tried lukewarm tea and I don’t like it. It bothers on being nauseating to me and I can completely identify with spewing something lukewarm out of my mouth.

For those Christians with lukewarm faith which is neither here nor there, God offers a warning. The message lies in the book of revelations (3;14). It’s the same message the angel had for the Laodicean church which was just in that same lukewarm temperature grade, faith wise. They were in danger of being spat out of the mouth of God like lukewarm tea.

Which temperature grade are you? Are you lukewarm, hot or sizzling or are you on fire for God? Are you running with your vision for your own life, or are you serving God with your time, money, energy and expertise? Are you giving God a corner in your heart, or are you giving Him the whole room? Remember that we live in the last days when iniquity is much more in abundance and the love of many is waxing cold. People, even Christians do as they please and are okay with just being the members of a church. The world is allowing so much evil, and the deceitfulness of sin is creeping slowly into the church of God. People no longer love themselves, and people no longer love God.

We need to be careful least we fall and be cast away from the family of God. We need to be careful to fan the flame of God’s word in our heart and allow it burn away the chaff that leads to sin in our lives. We need to love God more. We need to be sizzling hot and on fire for God.

  1. Read the sizzling comment, and should have ignored reading the prominently posted copyright to this post– how chilling! The blueprint to grace, faith, repentance, and the joy of heaven for such is not copyrighted. What a blessing.

    • dfunpen says:

      Hi nmartinez,

      The word of God is free and should never be sold, or bought at any fee. Stories like these are free as well, but I’m still navigating my blog and I haven’t gotten the hang of getting the copyright to appear on some pages and not on others. My poems are the ones I really want to protect.

      Thank you for taking the time to read, do share this with others. The copyright only asks for permission, so that I can have an idea where my works are being displayed.

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