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The Wood Carver’s Daughter.

This is an excerpt. The first chapter of the first novel titled The Wood Carver’s Daughter. Enjoy.


The Wood Carver’s Daughter Series.

This is the synopsis of a novel trilogy I am working on. Kindly read and drop your comments and ideas of what I could add to make it rich and worth publishing.

Thank you.

Tis Love

Posted: December 11, 2012 in Love, poetry

Tis love that makes my heart beat so

Tis love, this wild fluttering

For the sun shines brighter

And the stars seem lighter

When you and I do meet.


Tis love that set my heart on fire

Tis love this crazy desire

That the earth spins faster

In my drunken laughter

And I’m tipsy on my feet


Tis love and yet I can’t deny

Tis love I wonder why

The birds sing louder

The moon is rounder

And oranges taste so sweet.


Tis love that makes me drunk with wine

Tis love he gave to me

Tis love that made our hearts entwine

Tis love twas meant to be

To love a girl

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Love, poetry

It’s an impossible thing

to tell a boy

not to love a girl


to train his stuttering lips to speak

or still the ticking of his heart

when a dam breaks within him

and his blood rages like an untamed river


to say the least

to slow the beating of his heart

or hasten the quickness of his mind

when a smile steals across his face

in a dream and yet he is awake

when his legs refuse to obey command

and his feet go left instead of right

For he is completely unaware

when his eyes shine

and his breath is held captive

when light mirrors his joy

and dances on red rose petals

when speech divorces his lips

and his heart speaks a thousand words

which his thoughts long to say

but his mouth fails to echo

Pray, do not tell a boy

not to love a girl

For in that vein

it is impossible.