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The Wood Carver’s Daughter.

This is an excerpt. The first chapter of the first novel titled The Wood Carver’s Daughter. Enjoy.


The Wood Carver’s Daughter Series.

This is the synopsis of a novel trilogy I am working on. Kindly read and drop your comments and ideas of what I could add to make it rich and worth publishing.

Thank you.


I was right in the middle of a music video. The guitars were blasting, the drums were rolling and the lead vocal, me, was having a great time in front of an appreciative audience when the loud, sharp banging on my open door brought me down, right back to earth.

“Tunde! Will you turn the music down, I can’t hear myself think.”

I turn around guiltily as my sister walks into my room, heels clicking and switches off the DVD player. “That was Steven Curtis Chapman.” I say to her defensively. “I mean don’t you appreciate good music?”

“I do.” She turns around with a snarl. “…when it’s not blocking my ear drums!”

“Ooooohhhh!” I reply with the impudence of a younger brother. “Feisty aren’t  we!”

“One day you are going to end up with an earache.” She storms out of the room.

“You are ruining my creativity” I shout back as I paint blue streaks across the canvas. “I need the music to concentrate.”

“We are having a new roommate.” My sister was coming back. I opened my mouth and hung my head, ‘Not again!’ I think groaning inwardly. She had picked up my shoes from yesterday as well as a hair brush and dirty socks from the living room. “You need to be less noisy, less untidy and more considerate of people’s feelings. Also, you can’t walk around the house half naked, put a shirt on.” She grabs one from a pile of clean laundry in a basket in the corner of the room and throws it at me. I ignore the shirt and keep painting. “Temi is arriving this afternoon and we just need to act like a pair of civilized human beings.”

“With you around, who needs mum?” I mutter under my breath.

“What did you say?” She wipes round with a frown.


Through the corner of my eye, I could see her shake her head. “Sometimes it’s hard to believe we are peas from the same pod.”

I smile. Even though I’m twenty seven years old, my sister still feels she needs to take care of me because according to her, I’m reckless, immature and undisciplined. This is despite the fact that I earn a six digit salary and have a respectable job as a graphic artist at a very large, well known advertising company. She’s my twin sister and she never lets me forget that she’s the older one by five minutes.


“Hi!” I stammered. “I did not bother to call because I wanted to surprise you.”

“Well you certainly did.” He was bare chest, wearing only trousers and a pair of slippers. He held the door slightly ajar and blocked the entrance with his body. I sensed something was up but chose to ignore my feelings.

“Can I come in?” I asked the question apprehensively and wondered to myself why I had bothered to come back to the same place where temptation had over taken him. Seeing him half dressed made me realize that that was a mistake.

He sighed. “This is not a good idea, why don’t we meet downstairs in the lobby where it’s safe and I will not attack you like I did the other day.”

“I guess I didn’t think that way.” I wondered why he wasn’t opening the door any further.

“You should have called at the reception. I’d have told you to wait down stairs.”

“Why, do you have company?” I instinctively tried to peep over his shoulder.

He laughed and stepped back still keeping the door only slightly ajar. “I don’t want you to come in as I’m half dressed. Just wait for me downstairs.”

He was acting a little strange as well as fidgeting and avoiding my eyes. I was about to turn and leave when on impulse, I barged open the door and stormed inside.

“Dele!” he shouted but it was already too late. I saw the lady half clad and covered with the bed spreads.

“Oh!” I said. “Sorry, I didn’t know you had company. I’ll just leave.”

“Wait, I can explain…”

I was already walking out into the hallway, tears blurring my vision. He caught me before I reached the stairs and spun me around.

“Dele, please try to understand, I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

“Understand what?” I was angry. “We’ve not even officially broken up and already you‘ve replaced me!”


“I understand enough, you’ve found the girl that can meet those lustful needs of yours, you don’t need me!”

He stood and placed his hands on his hips watching me rant.

“Why am I even angry? You are not worth it.” I turned and marched down the stairs. In my anger I had forgotten there was an elevator so I walked down four flights of stairs, wondering when it would all end and I would be out of the hotel.

I marched stiffly high heels and all till I got to my car. My hands trembled as I tried over and over again to insert the key into the car door. My phone rang just then,it was Doyin.

“What do you want?” I barked into the receiver as I flipped open the phone and turned to put my back against the car.

“Look, I messed up big time. Come back and let’s talk about this.”

“What…with your girlfriend in the room?”

“I’ll meet you downstairs and we’ll talk about it.”

“So you are not even going to send her away”

“Dele, I can’t just do that.”

“Oh, so she means that much to you.”

“She doesn’t mean anything to me!” he replied angrily.

“You are just a liar… I hate you!” I burst into soft tears. “You are just like the rest of them. All men are liars…”

“Dele…” His voice was soft on the other end of the phone.

I sniffed and wiped a tear from my eye. “Who is she?”

“Someone you don’t know.” He replied in a low voice.

I just sobbed into the phone. “I never believed you could do this to me, how long have you been seeing her?”

“I’ve not been seeing her! I was just under a lot of pressure and I needed to ease the tension.”

“So you can just sleep with anybody, is that what you’re telling me?”I closed my eyes as the tears streamed down my face.  “You didn’t even wait till we settled this. Doyin how could you?”

“Dele, come back inside….”

“No!” I closed the phone and sobbed into my hands as I slid down to the floor with my back against my car door.


‘The Outcast”

Posted: May 25, 2012 in Novel excerpts

It was a beautiful serene evening in the ancient waterside village of Ode. The sun hung in the sky, a giant red ball against a backdrop of orange and light blue. The reflections created a golden hue that bathed everything in sight as the sun dipped lower in the horizon. The village, surrounded by evergreen forests and tall stately trees, was noted for its beauty and charm but that evening, amidst the quiet calm, a single fierce scream pierced the air.

They travelled slowly down the ancient wide footpath that led to the river. The bald old man led the way. He wore a white linen wrapper round his waist with one edge draped across his chest and down behind his left shoulder. He carried an earthen pot filled with herbs of all kinds and his chalk painted face favored a menacing look. Two others followed also wearing white linen wrappers round their waists. They bore staffs and wore straight faces while keeping a respectable distance behind their leader. Behind them the villagers followed, calm, serious and hopeful. The tranquil atmosphere carried a universal somber spirit that bothered on terror while the stillness of the air and silence was broken only by the shuffling of feet. Every single soul in Ode village was required to be present at the river side offering and almost everyone was.

She struggled, held firmly by two hefty men dressed in all white. The nine year old knew what it was to die, she was going to. Her parents followed behind them grief stricken but bare faced. They could not utter a sound. The oracle had spoken and the oracle had picked their daughter. It was an honor, a thing of pride. The village would forever remember their love sacrifice. Besides, there were three other children, all boys. The mother swallowed and let the tears flow freely. She could not hold back anymore. There was no one to whom she could plead no one to save the life of her only daughter, her first child. The king’s face remained stony. His attendants stood in a file behind him and his four wives and three concubines behind them. His fourteen royal children came next, then the chiefs and elders of the village and then the rest of the villagers.

The screams were louder now as the Chief priest signaled for the sacrifice to be brought nearer. His low rumblings became audible as he sprinkled the herbs towards the river and edged closer to it. The tide came in gently bathing his feet in the warm river water. His attendants followed him, stopping on either side of him as he turned slowly to face the crowd of villagers. “Bring her here!” The command was small and shrill.

Kikelomo struggled and wailed as the two men dragged her towards the swirling river and the stern old man with his two assistants. She screamed, calling on her mother to save her but who would dare answer? It was for the village. Everyone wanted an end to the era of famine that had plagued them for seven months gone and no one could despite their pity for her and for her parents. It was better for one to die rather than for a whole village to be wiped out. She struggled and thrashed about as she was handed over to the attendants who held her stretched out over the surface of the water as they waded deeper into the river till it was waist deep. The old man muttered his incantations and threw more herbs into the river. The drums began to sound from far away; slowly at first, the beat soothing and rhythmic and then faster, along with the pace of the chant. She struggled screamed and wailed as the old man emptied the contents of the pot over her body. He scooped up water with the pot and poured it over her five times, each time mumbling ‘life for life’. It soon became a chant, the attendants first, then the king, then the villagers, everyone clamoring for the exchange of the life of the young girl with that of the village.

“River god!” the old man shouted, as he dropped the pot into the river. “Accept your sacrifice.”

The mother stopped, gasped and almost ran forwards but the villagers pulled her back as her daughter screamed for the last time before she was held under water. All the villagers slowly looked up at the sky hoping their sacrifice would be accepted.


(Excerpt from a novel titled The Out cast)

A village is steeped in darkness and human sacrifice until a girl dares to challenge and change the course of their history, helped by a stranger whose presence in the village must remain hidden, she fights for her fellow girls against the monstrous evil that over shadows their village.

Through my closed eyes, I imagine I see

A splendid arena just waiting for me

With bales of the rainbow in showers so bold

That light up the firmament in colors of gold


Clear crystal waters and fountains of silver

Great springs that burst forth in streamlets that shimmer

Music emerging from harp strings that quaver

Pearls of all colors and diamonds for ever


Set in a background of torrents of gold

The heavenly choir’s been singing of old

Words fail to capture a picture so perfect

Words cannot alter its all dazzling effect


Then my eyes open and what to behold

A lightening that flashes like what we were told

Across the great sky from the east to the west

And all in a twinkle He gathers the best


Suddenly, swiftly, I feel myself lifting

Upwards, rapidly, being changed instantly

An apparel, dazzling, its brightness so puzzling

His face like the sun’s strength, the one that was God sent

And then, then I see

What He prepared for me,

A delightful vision

Beauty beyond Imagination.