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The Beggar

Posted: August 22, 2013 in poetry
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The Beggar.


Red, Gold and Green

Posted: December 25, 2012 in Christmas, poetry

Red, Gold and Green.

Tis Love

Posted: December 11, 2012 in Love, poetry

Tis love that makes my heart beat so

Tis love, this wild fluttering

For the sun shines brighter

And the stars seem lighter

When you and I do meet.


Tis love that set my heart on fire

Tis love this crazy desire

That the earth spins faster

In my drunken laughter

And I’m tipsy on my feet


Tis love and yet I can’t deny

Tis love I wonder why

The birds sing louder

The moon is rounder

And oranges taste so sweet.


Tis love that makes me drunk with wine

Tis love he gave to me

Tis love that made our hearts entwine

Tis love twas meant to be

Our Own Christmas

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Christmas, poetry

We had our own white Christmas

when the hazy fog descended on a dusty dawn

when the sky shone colorless before the sun could rise

and the tall trees shrouded themselves in pallid clouds

We had the air of Christmas

when the mist hid the houses from our view

when the cold dry air hugged our ashen faces

and paused, in transit to crack our rosy lips

We had our own nice Christmas

when greeting cards hung from curtain drapes

when hampers arrived laden with delicious delicacies

and pots cooked chicken instead of beef

We had our feel of Christmas

when the hawkers peddled bright stringy decorations

when the streets rang with yuletide music

and plastic trees shone with twinkling lights

So when children sing of snow and cold and frost

of silent nights and holy lights

Then I remember

that though we watched the King’s College Boys choir

and hurried to see Santa in his grotto,

we had our African Christmas

and what a Christmas it was.


To love a girl

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Love, poetry

It’s an impossible thing

to tell a boy

not to love a girl


to train his stuttering lips to speak

or still the ticking of his heart

when a dam breaks within him

and his blood rages like an untamed river


to say the least

to slow the beating of his heart

or hasten the quickness of his mind

when a smile steals across his face

in a dream and yet he is awake

when his legs refuse to obey command

and his feet go left instead of right

For he is completely unaware

when his eyes shine

and his breath is held captive

when light mirrors his joy

and dances on red rose petals

when speech divorces his lips

and his heart speaks a thousand words

which his thoughts long to say

but his mouth fails to echo

Pray, do not tell a boy

not to love a girl

For in that vein

it is impossible.


A Walk through the Park

Posted: October 4, 2012 in poetry

As the soft wind blows through the trees,

I hear the sound of the whisper of leaves,

I hear the moan of an old oak tree,

And the crack of a cricket,

In the dark of a thicket.


As the silence steals around the midnight,

There is a shimmer of brilliant moonlight,

Across the surface of water so black,

Comes an echo in the park,

of footsteps in the dark.


Snaps of twigs breaking,

And trembling seizes,

I feel myself shaking,

And my thinking ceases.


Fear reaches out a hand,

I jump to start;

But Faith welds a band,

That wraps round my heart.


Comfort comes, like a warm blanket.

Boldness like a shield, and yet

Fear stalks my footsteps,

And dodges in my shadow.

Worry prances in my mind

And sticks in her arrow.


Panic came slowly, dancing to a tune

That Terror hummed softly, on a sand covered dune.

A tranquil thought, peaceful and serene, yet real

voices a truth that keeps my heart beat still.


Though the calm night light, turn drearily low,

And the darkness be, my only foe;

I am not alone, where ever I may be

There is one with me whom eyes cannot see


Though the crisp sound of silence is hauntingly clear,

And the faint thoughts of fright hover dangerously near,

I will walk  stately and not tip toe,

Through the park boldly and not fear,No.

Love is a Language

Posted: September 10, 2012 in poetry
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A gentle tap

A soft smile

Misty eyes

A tender touch

A warm embrace

Hushed whispers

A long look

In silent nights

Calm demure

A steady heartbeat

Flushed cheeks

A content sigh

He didn’t have to speak

She just knew

He wanted to but

She understood

For love is a language

Far above words.

Red, Gold and Green

Posted: September 9, 2012 in Christmas, poetry

My mother placed the artifacts

Like those I’ve never seen

Upon our shinny Christmas tree

So red so gold so green

Criss-crossed the trimmings

Round and round

And let the boxes hang

Then tuned the pretty yellow lights

Till they lit up and sang

I watched in wonder, filled with awe

And clapped my hands in glee

This pleasant and delightful thing

Was such a sight to see

My childish curiosity

Had made me very keen

To ask the question bothering me

Why red, why gold, why green?

Red pools of blood seeped to the ground

When death came to the brink

Red was the color of the wine

He made his own to drink

My sins were scarlet crimson red

He washed them white as snow

Redeemed, forgiven, reconciled

Red makes the world to know.

The king of kings came down to earth

Was given a gift of gold

To symbolize his royalty

A destiny foretold

Gold never changes, never fades

Will last forevermore

A kingdom enriched by souls of men

Will evermore endure

Come in the winter solstice

Some trees are evergreen

Their leaves remain as fresh and new

Just as they’ve always been

Green stands for growth and grace

And all the gifts that we might crave

Green shows the everlasting life

He came that we might have

So quietly I stood beside

The gently twinkling tree

Still pondering the awesome truth

The colors proved to be

As mother placed the artifacts

So red so gold so green

So long ago that Christmas day

Like those I’d never seen.


The Beggar

Posted: September 9, 2012 in poetry


O what would I give for a kobo or two

An old blind beggar sang

He sat in the sand, a bell in his hand

And over and over it rang


Get out of my way, I am late today

Said a young man passing by

As he hurried on, he rounded a turn

And muttered a quick angry sigh


O what would I give to be full today

The old blind beggar prayed

He stood by his cart, and hovered his hat

His clothing was tattered and frayed


I wish I could give, but I have to leave

A pretty young woman thought

She was in a car, her destination far

With her was a cute little tot


O what would I give for a place to sleep

The same old beggar cried

He leaned on a stall that bothered a wall

and pulled on his overgrown beard.


I can’t take you in, I don’t know where you’ve been

An affluent woman was irked

Yet it bothered her soul, so she tossed in his bowl

A crumpled old note as she sniffed


O what would I give, for something to drink

He held out an empty milk tin

Though rusty with dirt, he wiped with his shirt

The cup he had pulled from a bin


That funny old man is holding a can

A little girl pointed him out

Come now, leave him be, I don’t think he can see

her father was eager to shout


And so as he stood by a shed made of wood

The beggar was waiting to see

If someone could hear, Maybe someone would care

Decide what your answer will be.



Through my closed eyes, I imagine I see

A splendid arena just waiting for me

With bales of the rainbow in showers so bold

That light up the firmament in colors of gold


Clear crystal waters and fountains of silver

Great springs that burst forth in streamlets that shimmer

Music emerging from harp strings that quaver

Pearls of all colors and diamonds for ever


Set in a background of torrents of gold

The heavenly choir’s been singing of old

Words fail to capture a picture so perfect

Words cannot alter its all dazzling effect


Then my eyes open and what to behold

A lightening that flashes like what we were told

Across the great sky from the east to the west

And all in a twinkle He gathers the best


Suddenly, swiftly, I feel myself lifting

Upwards, rapidly, being changed instantly

An apparel, dazzling, its brightness so puzzling

His face like the sun’s strength, the one that was God sent

And then, then I see

What He prepared for me,

A delightful vision

Beauty beyond Imagination.