Short Stories

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Short Stories.

Red, Gold and Green

Posted: December 25, 2012 in Christmas, poetry

Red, Gold and Green.


Posted: December 24, 2012 in Awards

I was extremely excited to learn that Uzoma had nominated me for an award. Wow, i’ve never received one for writing before and so my deep appreciation goes to him and I recommend his blog as a must read. I’m especially fond of his blog and I love it’s unique name. Please visit Uzoma on –


When the sun sets, all you have done will certainly follow you home.




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  1. I’m black, very chocolaty dark and i always prayed to have children with fairer skin. I now do.
  2. It took me seven years to agree to date the wonderful man I am now married to.
  3. I am a Physiotherapist by profession
  4. My favorite nicknames are Nash, and Ebony
  5. I love the outdoors, trees, flowers, blue skies, green grasses, nature in general and they are often a source of poetic inspiration for me.
  6. I firmly believe in God and in his plan to save humanity through Jesus
  7. I aspire to write and direct my very own nigerian movie one day soon.


Here are the blogs that have inspired me and helped me improve upon my writing. I have just six for now, sorry for breaking the rules.

Please check out their blogs…their posts are full of wisdom and insight. There is always something new to learn.

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Tis Love

Posted: December 11, 2012 in Love, poetry

Tis love that makes my heart beat so

Tis love, this wild fluttering

For the sun shines brighter

And the stars seem lighter

When you and I do meet.


Tis love that set my heart on fire

Tis love this crazy desire

That the earth spins faster

In my drunken laughter

And I’m tipsy on my feet


Tis love and yet I can’t deny

Tis love I wonder why

The birds sing louder

The moon is rounder

And oranges taste so sweet.


Tis love that makes me drunk with wine

Tis love he gave to me

Tis love that made our hearts entwine

Tis love twas meant to be

Our Own Christmas

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Christmas, poetry

We had our own white Christmas

when the hazy fog descended on a dusty dawn

when the sky shone colorless before the sun could rise

and the tall trees shrouded themselves in pallid clouds

We had the air of Christmas

when the mist hid the houses from our view

when the cold dry air hugged our ashen faces

and paused, in transit to crack our rosy lips

We had our own nice Christmas

when greeting cards hung from curtain drapes

when hampers arrived laden with delicious delicacies

and pots cooked chicken instead of beef

We had our feel of Christmas

when the hawkers peddled bright stringy decorations

when the streets rang with yuletide music

and plastic trees shone with twinkling lights

So when children sing of snow and cold and frost

of silent nights and holy lights

Then I remember

that though we watched the King’s College Boys choir

and hurried to see Santa in his grotto,

we had our African Christmas

and what a Christmas it was.


To love a girl

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Love, poetry

It’s an impossible thing

to tell a boy

not to love a girl


to train his stuttering lips to speak

or still the ticking of his heart

when a dam breaks within him

and his blood rages like an untamed river


to say the least

to slow the beating of his heart

or hasten the quickness of his mind

when a smile steals across his face

in a dream and yet he is awake

when his legs refuse to obey command

and his feet go left instead of right

For he is completely unaware

when his eyes shine

and his breath is held captive

when light mirrors his joy

and dances on red rose petals

when speech divorces his lips

and his heart speaks a thousand words

which his thoughts long to say

but his mouth fails to echo

Pray, do not tell a boy

not to love a girl

For in that vein

it is impossible.


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I sat beneath the deep blue sky

Compassed with thoughts that made me sigh

I knew right in my heart of hearts

That I had left the sacred paths

I wondered if there was a way

To bridge the mighty gap that lay

Between the righteous Holy One

And me the ever erring son

I looked behold, a gleam I saw

A ray of hope in sight to cure

The pain that only I could feel

The sin that Jesus came to seal

The cross that shed His precious blood

The grace and mercy in His word

Became to me the bond of love

That drew me to the one above.

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A Walk through the Park

Posted: October 4, 2012 in poetry

As the soft wind blows through the trees,

I hear the sound of the whisper of leaves,

I hear the moan of an old oak tree,

And the crack of a cricket,

In the dark of a thicket.


As the silence steals around the midnight,

There is a shimmer of brilliant moonlight,

Across the surface of water so black,

Comes an echo in the park,

of footsteps in the dark.


Snaps of twigs breaking,

And trembling seizes,

I feel myself shaking,

And my thinking ceases.


Fear reaches out a hand,

I jump to start;

But Faith welds a band,

That wraps round my heart.


Comfort comes, like a warm blanket.

Boldness like a shield, and yet

Fear stalks my footsteps,

And dodges in my shadow.

Worry prances in my mind

And sticks in her arrow.


Panic came slowly, dancing to a tune

That Terror hummed softly, on a sand covered dune.

A tranquil thought, peaceful and serene, yet real

voices a truth that keeps my heart beat still.


Though the calm night light, turn drearily low,

And the darkness be, my only foe;

I am not alone, where ever I may be

There is one with me whom eyes cannot see


Though the crisp sound of silence is hauntingly clear,

And the faint thoughts of fright hover dangerously near,

I will walk  stately and not tip toe,

Through the park boldly and not fear,No.

Love is a Language

Posted: September 10, 2012 in poetry
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A gentle tap

A soft smile

Misty eyes

A tender touch

A warm embrace

Hushed whispers

A long look

In silent nights

Calm demure

A steady heartbeat

Flushed cheeks

A content sigh

He didn’t have to speak

She just knew

He wanted to but

She understood

For love is a language

Far above words.

Top 10 female “F” words.

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Reflections

A lot of the words that apply to the Feminine gender or are commonly found in our vocabulary as women influence our lives, shape our thoughts and choices & affect our sense of wellbeing and self esteem. Those words interestingly begin with the letter ‘F’ just like the word ‘Female’ and to a large extent are what women talk about every day.

Fat – The very thing every woman either struggles with, embraces or conquers. No woman wants to be labeled ‘Fat’ & even the slimmest super model thinks somewhere inside her lies a fat woman. Maintaining the right weight goes a long way to shape one’s choice of clothes, social lifestyle and even one’s health as a woman. Being fit and healthy involves maintaining the right weight and ensuring that one’s heart is working efficiently enough to enable one carry out all the activities of the day with as little fatigue as possible. Practical fitness and diet routines that can be fitted into the day along with every other thing the mum does, is a way out of the battle of the bulge.

Fitness – The working mum probably has more reasons to be fit and healthy than other members of the population. The nature of what she does daily requires a combination of strength, agility, alertness and perfect health. Sometimes the task of juggling a successful career with running the home front and being there for her husband & children leaves very little time for a much needed fitness routine. But the culture has changed and more women are seeking out ways to ensure they stay healthy and stay fit. Ensuring that one’s day is filled with physically exerting activities like walking, stair climbing, dancing, sex or one form of sporting activity at least thirty minutes to an hour a day is a great way to maintain fitness.

Food – We cook it, buy it, store it and we are around it most of the time. A woman needs to understand that food is meant to be a source of nourishment for her body to function properly. We often eat without thinking, at home, parties or social gatherings. We need to inculcate the culture of asking ourselves before we eat- ‘Will this give me the nutrients my body really needs or am I just satisfying my hunger? Am I eating because my body needs it or am I eating to fill up some other inner need or desire?’ This helps prevent needless binging and regulates the calorie intake that contributes to overall weight gain. A little extra pre planning & effort are also required by a woman to enable her ensure that she and her family are getting the right nutrition from the food they eat.

Feelings – Women generally operate daily based on how they feel. Our moods control how we eat, when we eat, how much we eat and whether we decide to exercise or not. In watching your weight as a woman, you need to learn to master your moods and feelings and refuse to let them control your life.

Friendships – We women are relationship oriented and we fare better in groups and with other women. The kind of company we keep reflects our social status, our value systems, and our character and also helps in achieving or attaining our life goals. In wanting to lose /maintain weight, surrounding yourself with likeminded individuals goes a long way to help. It’s amazing that your perception of your size changes depending on the circle of people around you. The same person who seems small amongst other big women will look &feel bigger amongst slimmer or thinner women.

Fun –Humans generally gravitate to whatever is fun and gives them a good feeling inside. As women we must constantly strive to make everything we do fun including our attempts to keep in shape. Find a fun aerobic class, have fun with your spouse in the bedroom, enjoy running around or strolling with your children. Fun signifies something that is alive and active and brings out the laughter in you. Having fun is significantly tied to living longer & also contrary to popular opinions, not necessarily related to eating, all the time. Fun, laughter and joy release endorphins (natural pain killers) and other feel good hormones that ensure you live longer.

Fear– The fear of looking old and unattractive, the fear of losing your hubby to someone else, fear of not being able to control your weight, most often fears are unfounded and should be done away with because they lead to needless anxiety and worry which in turn have negative effects on your outlook to life, your health& your emotional and physical wellbeing. Women need to be strong, courageous and avoid fears.

Faith – In this part of the world a large percentage of women trust God with their lives yet they lack the power and courage to change their lives because their inner thinking and spoken words reflect a lack of faith. Faith is a necessary tool for anything to succeed, even when it comes to little things in our lives like keeping our figure. A little positive attitude makes the job easier.

Fight– Life is usually a battle because the human body literarily hates exerting itself. Things don’t just happen, as women we need to fight to keep our jobs &homes running smoothly and fight to keep fit. Having a fighting spirit is key to leading a full &rewarding life. Looking trim and feeling good happens when we work at it and fight the spirit of laziness.

Flexibility – Having a flexible schedule ensures a woman gets everything she needs to do, done daily including finding the time for a fitness routine or time to rejuvenate herself. Flexibility in her joints and bones helps ward off early onset of arthritis and keeps her looking youthful.

The twenty first century woman, definitely uses a lot of these words from time to time but the key is to understand and study how they affect us and the decisions we make daily, paying attention to them as we perform our daily activities and strive to keep ourselves together for the benefits of our spouses and our children.