‘The Textbook’

This story was written as part of a challenge. It contains no three letter word.

My brother takes punishment lightly. This time however, it is definite that he wont.

Father’s cane goes ‘twack’, ‘twack’ over Tobi’s bare back almost five times as I watch television with my eyes glued to an Avengers cartoon re-run. Though my eyes scan, my ears follow Mr Cane’s swishing movements with trepidation.

“Where is your mathematics textbook?” My father bellows, livid.

“I don’t know!” Tobi wipes tears from a distressed face, sniffing as father’s cane goes up again.

“Where is it? A goat took it right?”

“I don’t know!” Tobi is crying hard.

“He doesn’t want to read, so he threw it away.” Father says to mother, as he turns to administer more twacks.

My brother’s legs go up as he jumps repeatedly to avoid Mr Cane. I stand up, hurrying to Malik’s gatehouse behind which we usually empty refuse in a large drum. A green Understanding Maths textbook is buried beneath leftover noddles mixed in cornbeef sauce from yesterday’s dinner.

‘Serves Tobi right’  I think to myself.

He broke my prized Transformers play motor bike laughing in my face as it splintered to fragments. He ain’t laughing no more.

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  2. Even though I believed you, I still felt the need to count the length of all of the words. You succeeded in your challenge! This seems like it would be very difficult to write.

    • dfunpen says:

      yeah! i understand, i’d do the same too. First time i saw a fifty word story, i couldnt believe it was 50words. i counted.

      Thanks for the visit Jw. off to see your website.

  3. itheword says:

    Lol!!! This is so lovely!

  4. chiso says:

    Another interesting challenge! Wow! No “3 letter words”. I dunno if I can pull it off though… A story without the words “the” and “and” 😉

  5. Chinazar says:

    Beautiful. You didn’t even use ‘the’ or ‘and’. Oh wow!

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