50 Word Stories

English: A bicycle which attached stolen shopp...

The Stolen Bicycle.

The Stolen Bicycle

Mazi Okon’s bicycle was stolen from the market. He knew that the thief lived in his village. That evening, he started a rumor.
‘Goats for free in the next village tomorrow morning.’
At dawn, he saw Kayoku the tailor, riding furiously out of their village on a shiny black bicycle.

The Prey

Oderinde, a brilliant hunter, shot a bird one day. He hurried further into the forest to retrieve his prey. On getting there, he saw the dead body of an elderly woman. Dread filled him as his eyes trailed further. The dead bird, thankfully, was lying some meters away from her.

The Contest

One day, all the animals in the forest gathered underneath a large tree to pick the strongest of the lot. The Lion roared, the Elephant stamped his foot, the Gorilla beat his chest but the little rat gnawed on the withered roots of the tree which fell, killing all present.


He saw her by the coffee shop and followed her to the corner store where she worked. He bought candles every day just so he could gaze at her. When next he went, heart hammering, she asked him in a sweet voice what he wanted.

‘Candles.’ He could only mutter.

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  2. Uzoma says:

    Wow, these are beautiful madam Funmi! I was reading this post during lunch and the first story made me with choke with laughter. My goodness! You should be writing more of this.

  3. Kaykay Obi says:

    Nice stories. The first one cracked me up! 🙂 Really funny. And I think I could relate to the guy in the fourth story. 😦

    Thanks for sharing!

    • dfunpen says:

      Hey hi,

      I guess humor is the way to go with short stories.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to drop a comment. I really apprreciate you.

  4. pelumi says:

    This is raw talent. Loved the first, also loved the prey. Nice stuff.

  5. chiso says:

    Wow! 50 words! I like this. I just might do something like this on my blog ;)!

    • dfunpen says:

      Hey, my dear friend from WTM. Thank you for liking. Do try it out. It teaches you to be economical with words and use them wisely. It helps u learn to tell stories in brevity.

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