The Wood Carver’s Daughter Series

The story is set in the village of Ewe where several people have disappeared mysteriously, and the villagers live life by curfew where all must be indoors before the sun sets. A wine tapper claims to have seen a group of masquerades in the forest within their village, and so a search party is instituted to investigate the disappearances and find out if the claims of the tapper are true.

Olalekan, a widower and one of the best village hunters, lives alone in this village with his eight year old daughter, Sidiola. Next door to them lives an old retired wood carver, Papa, and his unusually beautiful twenty year old daughter, Abeni. They live separate lives till friendship develops between Abeni and Sidiola.

Olalekan lives still grieving his dead wife and unable to form real relationships. His daughter’s friendship with their neighbors along with the continued disappearance of one villager after another, pulls him back into the community and into an unwanted association with the extraordinarily beautiful girl next door.

The mystery of the missing villagers, and the building attraction between the valiant widower hunter, and the old wood carver’s daughter, is just the beginning of a story that spans two decades. It is the story of love, and courage and secrets based on a father’s protective nature. It is the story of one’s family’s quest to protect their identity, as a sleepy village awakens to the reality of what lies beside them, in the midst of their own woods.

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  2. Uzoma says:

    Funmi where have you been! It’s so good to see you blogging again and with a mouth-watering blurb about your book. The story mirrors Africa to the core–mixing tradition with mystery. I love mystery and suspense. I can’t wait to read this book of yours. Of course, I’d like to promote it on my blog once it’s ready.

    • dfunpen says:

      Hey Uzoma,
      Yes it’s been long o! I got lost in family commitments and work, and of course writing my novel. Glad you are looking forward to it. I’m also eagerly hurrying. Thanks for dropping by. love your one week proverbs.

      • Uzoma says:

        Yes, I’m already reading your first chapter (excerpt) and I can only stand in awe of your writing ability. My goodness! I think I should stop writing o 😀

        Well, I wish you strength and good health to see yourself past the finish line. Writing a novel is a very big task, especially when you have to combine it with family and such.

        Is “The Wood Carver’s Daughter” the working title or the title itself? I think it’s apt and eye-catching.

      • dfunpen says:

        Hey, Thank you. Glad you are liking it.

        No, way! Don’t stop. The world needs varied writers and I remember you taught me to reflect on my childhood and pull stories from there. That has helped improve my writing a whole lot. Thank you.

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